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What can we learn from a bloke on a walk?

In this challenging time, we are all finding ways to keep ourselves fit and healthy. I am not sure I know of anyone who hasn’t started some fitness regime or some physical challenge in order to take advantage of this ‘timeout’; apart from my old childhood friend Tom for whom the words ‘timeout’ means something rather different.

Tom has an ambition to walk around the World, all 16,500 miles of it. And whilst that may be a stretch for some it is not for this ‘adventurer’ and ‘author’. Tom has already cycled from Swanbourne in Buckinghamshire, where we learned to ride bikes together, to Swanbourne Beach in Australia a story he captures in his book Johnny Ginger’s Last Ride. He has walked from Mexico to New York with a donkey. Can you imagine how our ‘American Cousins’ reacted to some eccentric English bloke strolling the highways with a donkey, let alone arriving in Central Park in New York! Another chance for him to put pen to paper in The Moonshine Mule.

Well if it is bonkers enough, Tom has done it, he has got the t-shirt (probably two or three) and written a book about it.

So his current challenge is walking around the World.

So far he has walked across the US (without the donkey), walked from the West Coast of Ireland, across the UK, down through Europe to the Middle East … and now, he is having some enforced ‘timeout’ waiting to continue his journey.

So what can you learn from a bloke on a walk? In a word, kindness. Tom says that wherever he has been, whatever the the regime, his overwhelming experience from the people he meets on the street is ‘kindness’.

Enough of me, listen to Tom:

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