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Filming at Tetbury

Well, what could go wrong? Two days at a retailer providing technical support to a production team from TwoFour Productions, one of the largest independent production companies in the UK, creating an internal comms video in the use of video technology in the aftersales department; enter Adam Kelly.
Adam, brought in to play the role of a technician using the video equipment, found himself towering over his fellow actor, Sarah Russell, and being asked by Pete ‘the director’ to walk with bent knees. At 6’ 4” walking at height to simulate someone who is 5’ 4” is not easy without looking like a Neanderthal with knuckles trailing … much to the amusement of all. The result … hilarious.
At the end of two full days of filming we had some great output that will add real value to the client, their retail network and the customer experience.