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Delivering Audi Cam

In 2010, Audi announced the ambitious delivery of launching Audi Cam to its retail network of 128 Audi Centres in the UK and Northern Ireland.
The challenge was to link an Audi Technician, working on a customer’s vehicle, to the customer sitting in the showroom via video and audio links, with the aim of engendering greater trust and transparency. With health and safety restrictions preventing access to the workshop, the link allows the customer a detailed view of their vehicle, direct dialogue with the technician whilst enjoying a warm cup of coffee.
“Service departments throughout the industry are often accused of baffling customers with science – by offering ours full exposure to the work undertaken on their cars, and the ability to talk through that work with the technician involved, our aim is to demystify the process as fully as possible,” said Director of Audi UK, Jeremy Hicks. “We want to ensure that everyone who entrusts their Audi to us for servicing and repairs knows exactly where they stand and exactly what to expect.”
Simon was engaged to Programme Manage the delivery from concept, through pilot to operational by 30th June 2010.
Simon’s team designed, developed and delivered the whole roll out completing the brief on time and to budget.
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